Frankfurt, Sulzbachwiese

Klettern und Balancieren im Grünen


This playground is located on the Sulzbachwiese in Frankfurt, surrounded by large natural stones, made entirely of robinia wood and surrounded by greenery. Completely natural, the robinia wood playground blends into the area well, but nevertheless proves eye-catching with its light lollipops, which shine brightly on the ground when exposed to sunlight.

A large balancing system allows children to climb up and reach the end point via various routes. There are all sorts of options for moving around via balancing ramps, step plates and climbing trunks.

This combined play facility consists of two square towers connected to each other by a 2.5 m long chain bridge. Here, too, there are a wide range of options for moving around. The platforms of the two towers are reached via nets, ropes, logs and ladders. And, of course, there’s the obligatory slide. A double swing is attached to one of the towers for shared swinging fun.

Even the littlest ones will be happy, with two low platforms set out in a semicircle. Various sand play elements including a rotating sand crane and a sand chute allow children to play together. The light lollipops are mounted on a post. The coloured plastic discs throw bright colours and shapes onto the ground when the light hits them, providing new stimulus for play time and time again.

Altersempfehlung Altersempfehlung
Idee + Entwurf Idee + Entwurf
Bernd Waldvogel landscape architect, Kinderland Emsland Playground, Geeste
Auftraggeber Auftraggeber
City of Frankfurt
Technische Ausarbeitung + Realisierung Technische Ausarbeitung + Realisierung
Kinderland Emsland Playground, Geeste