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Inclusive and barrier-free

Playground for everyone

Kinderland Emsland Playground is considered throughout Europe as one of the pioneers in the development, planning and implementation of integrative, barrier-free playground equipment and play spaces that are equally accessible to children with and without disabilities as well as people of all generations. We are very proud of this!

It has always been important to us that we bring everyone together in play and do not exclude anyone. This requires the most barrier-free playground concept possible and also includes playground equipment such as the wheelchair user carousel. We also offer a few special features for swings and seesaws, allowing a grandmother with limited mobility to play with her grandson, for example.

Barrier-free playground equipment

Proven and popular: Our "classics"


The wheelchair user carousel is a barrier-free classic – developed by Kinderland Emsland Playground back in the 1980s. It allows children with and without disabilities, with and without a wheelchair, to have fun together. The carousel is equipped with special drive and braking devices and can therefore be used well in public spaces.


Wheelchair user seesaw

Barrier-free and exciting, not only for wheelchair users, but also for BMX riders, cyclists and pedal car drivers: the bottom of the seesaw moves when a user rides onto it. Various balancing exercises can be tried out on the middle section.


Hand seesaw

The hand seesaw allows all people to rock with one another without leg power. We have recently reworked our barrier-free classic: the barrier-free entry point has been widened, and the stoppers under the seats enable users to sit down safely. Ready, set, go... SEESAWS!


Passage elements

Different floor coverings and surprising materials on the floor provide variety. Vibrations change, as do the rolling speed of wheels. Small gradients, obstacles or mini ramps with different levels of difficulty are appealing, playful challenges.

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