Playground equipment for schools

Schoolyard playground

Schoolyards offer space and opportunities for many children and young people of different ages. It’s a place where they relax, meet, play together, share and exercise, over several years. This makes playground equipment ideal that cover different levels of difficulty, thereby remaining interesting throughout school life. For instance, the Mikado poles by Kinderland. Children in first grade will not be able to climb them yet. They'll first observe others and be amazed – and maybe only a few years later conquer the poles themselves with strength and skill.

Schoolyards are locations tied to identity. So why not involve the pupils in the design of their schoolyard? After all, they're the experts for their schoolyard.


Free space for movement

Movement is important: for the motor development of children and adolescents, and also to prevent obesity. The more incentives for movement a schoolyard offers, the better. How about a challenging exercise course for climbing, balancing and hanging? Perfect for hanging out during the long break.


Just chill

Schoolyards need places for retreat and observation, which invite pupils to sit down and relax. And where can you relax better than on our lounging furniture (see photo on the right)?


Green classroom

The "green classroom" is increasingly being taken into account in schoolyard planning. Seating in a quiet location, preferably surrounded by greenery, provides a great setting for outdoor teaching. It also creates new habitats for flora and fauna. But the "green classroom" is not only a meeting point and place of learning, but also a place of movement – such as the Ring Play Arena by Kinderland.

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