Residental Developments

Play on your door step

Playgrounds in the residential environment

Kids should be playing outdoors. Outdoor games and exercise are extremely important for a child's physical and mental development. To indulge in such activity, children need safe and easily accessible open spaces as close to home as possible, where they can engage in creative play and share experiences. Particularly in densely built-up residential environments in inner cities, there is a growing need for owners' and housing associations to take the initiative. The Kinderland Team is happy to assist investors with expertise and experience – from the idea to implementation.


Inclusive play

Inclusive play in a knight's castle – this has been possible on Mindener Strasse in the heart of Düsseldorf, Germany, since 2020. The barrier-free space can be completely accessed by wheelchair in the lower section. A slide with a platform and barrier-free entrance and exit is also attached to this level.



Even in confined spaces, it is possible to install playground equipment that reflects the colours and shapes of the architecture of the surroundings. As an alternative, why not try setting up a common space where old and young alike get together? Surely, there are countless possibilities for creating recreation and meeting areas "right on your doorstep".


Experience history

A themed playground is just as exciting as it is charming, reflecting a highlight in the life of a community and bringing history to life, for example. The playground built in the residential area of the new Cologne district of Butzweilerhof is reminiscent of the Old Butzweilerhof Airport. A tower and a luggage transporter, which children can play with in many different ways, stimulate the imagination.

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