Playgrounds for day care centres

What do children need at the day care centre?

Toddlers need natural play and space to romp around. They need a variety of stimuli for creative role play that promotes their development. However, they also need niches and places to relax – preferably with effective shading to protect them from the sun.

A good day care playground offers age-appropriate play equipment for children of all development levels – whether they're younger or older than three years. There are play houses for the little ones, play fences with turning elements, crawling paths, swings, slide hills and seesaws. Multifunctional facilities are ideal that can be used in all sorts of ways at the day care centre, such as the sand and climbing box or "Climbing Paul" from Kinderland.


Sand and climbing box

The sand and climbing box for toddlers is more than just a sandbox. It is a meeting place, sunshade holder and drawing wall; it offers a wide range of options for sitting, but also for climbing, balancing and trying things out. And of course, children can let their imagination run wild in role play in the sand and climbing box.

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Climbing Paul

Gather at a meeting place where you can sit, talk to each other and play together. The "Climbing Paul" with the colourful seagull can be rediscovered by children over and over again. Here they can practise running and balancing or "dining" during role play, serving fresh sand soup with leaf salad.

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