Technical highlights

Developed in-house

Kinderland has developed important technical details in-house over the years. This includes special connection technologies for steel and wood or steel and concrete connections, special screwing techniques, bearing techniques, spacers as well as net and rope connections. In particular, these details are intended to increase safety and extend the service life and value retention.


ESF cross-bolting

On the top of structural posts, we set two slightly offset bolts crosswise in height. This wood protection measure virtually eliminates unwanted openings or cracks.


ESF ring nut

The ESF ring nut is an in-house development from Kinderland, which ensures the secure and elegant connection of ropes to wooden posts. Claw-like pins, which drill into the wood when the ring nut is tightened, ensure that all loads are discharged in a clean, form-locking and torsion-proof manner.


ESF post shoe

The ESF post shoe ensures that the wooden posts are permanently secured to any floor or fall protection. What makes it special? The ESF post shoe is embedded in the wood and is divided in two. This means that it is particularly securely bolted to the post and can be easily retightened if necessary.


ESF aluminium spacer

The ESF aluminum spacer enables wood to be connected directly to one another – without dangerous clamping points. Another advantage is that individual pieces of wood can be exchanged very quickly if necessary.


Universal joint

Moving parts and joints are important construction elements – especially for swings, nets and suspensions. They are technically proven, stable and safe, meaning all types of swings and hammocks retain their motion.