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Inclusive and barrier-free

Playground for everyone

Kinderland Emsland Playground is considered throughout Europe as one of the pioneers in the development, planning and implementation of integrative, barrier-free playground equipment and play spaces that are equally accessible to children with and without disabilities as well as people of all generations. We are very proud of this!

It has always been important to us that we bring everyone together in play and do not exclude anyone. This requires the most barrier-free playground concept possible and also includes playground equipment such as the wheelchair user carousel. We also offer a few special features for swings and seesaws, allowing a grandmother with limited mobility to play with her grandson, for example.


Bespielbare Tiere


Sehr robust und langlebig


Nachhaltige Materialien


Innovative Konstruktion


Sofort bespielbar



Schon mal eine Giraffe geritten?

Unsere Savannentiere verwandeln jeden Spielplatz in einen magischen Ort. Sie lassen die Kinder in die unendlichen Weiten der Fantasie eintauchen.



Reiten ist doch kinderleicht!

Jedes unserer bespielbaren Bauernhoftiere erzählt Geschichten. Von Freiheit und Abenteuer. Und von Fürsorge und Vertrauen.

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