Frankfurt am Main, Burgstreet, Merian School


Fun and excitement during the long break!

Designed in strong shades of blue, the play area is a great eye-catcher for the schoolyard.

The large play structure offers various possibilities to be explored. Diverse towers, bridges and footplate systems with high play value invite you to play together.

After the students have exhausted themselves on the gymnastic bar, on the balancing cube or playing football, they can relax on the hammock.

A special feature is the green classroom. If the weather is good, the whole class can hold the lesson outside in nature.

A blackboard and several benches serve the usual learning environment.

Idea + design Idea + design
Landschaftarchitektur freiraumX, Frankfurt am Main + Kinderland Emsland Spielgeräte, Geeste
Client Client
Stadt Frankfurt am Main
Technical preparation + realisation Technical preparation + realisation
Kinderland Emsland Spielgeräte, Geeste