Hückelhoven, Brachelen, Kommend

Rock climbing fun

We were commissioned by Hückelhoven Municipal Council to create a varied, all-round playground. With numerous options for climbing and balancing, this facility offers fun for young and old alike.

The mix of materials makes this playground particularly special. In addition to steel and wood, a large number of rocks, large and small, have been integrated into the facility. Children can practise balancing on the wobbly rocks, followed by some stepping stones and climbing bridges. They can then show off their skills on a 2-metre high rock. Once they’ve reached the top, it’s time for a bit of a rest.

The route continues with a small climbing and balancing area equipped with a sand crane and a sand chute. Children climb up onto the facility on balancing or embedded rocks and leave it via a curved slide or the ramp.

But that’s not all. The large climbing and balancing system allows the different platforms to be explored via a rope bridge, several ramps and, of course, a number of rocks. This is accessed via the rock climbing bridge or climbing wall. Once climbers have reached the large platform, they can return to the ground via the pole or the monkey bar ladder, which lead to the small platform.

The facility also caters to fitness activities. Visitors can test their fitness and endurance on the wall bars, gymnastics bars and climbing net.

The small bird’s nest swing makes a good spot for a little break to relax during play. There’s also a pair of swings, allowing young and old to go on the swings together.

Age recommendation Age recommendation
Idea + design Idea + design
Kinderland Emsland Playground, Geeste
Client Client
Hückelhoven Municipal Council
Technical preparation + realisation Technical preparation + realisation
Kinderland Emsland Playground, Geeste