Neckargerach, Minneburg School

A different kind of schoolyard design

The schoolyard of the Minneburg School in Neckargerach is perfect for climbing, balancing, resting and playing with water during a lunch break. The system is made entirely of steel and built on a slope.  The signal colour of red means that the individual elements as highlights of the facility.

The spacious large climbing and balancing system challenges children’s sense of balance and offers a wide range of options for reaching the end. A wavy balancing pipe leads to the climbing net. This leads on to four stepping plates. Once these have been tackled, it’s time for children to demonstrate their skill on the balancing belt.

The end is getting closer and closer.

The platform is accessed via climbing ropes with stainless steel sleeves. From here there are three options:

If they want to start the course again from the beginning or would prefer to take a rest for the remainder of break, they can either leave the slope via the slide or the platform via a climbing rope. If they haven’t had enough, they can tackle the rest of the climbing route. The monkey bar equipment is reached via balancing cables and tubes. This not only requires dexterity, but also the strength to swing one’s own body weight from one ring to another. We were happy to integrate the existing slide on the site into our project.

In addition to climbing and balancing, water is another element featured in the schoolyard. When the patented pump is activated, the water runs down the entire slope alongside the boulders. The children can see how the water flows, runs around obstacles, and goes slower or faster in some places.

With so many different options, pupils are twice as excited about their lunch break.

Age recommendation Age recommendation
Idea + design Idea + design
Kern Landschaftsarchitektur bdla and Kinderland Emsland Playground, Geeste
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Community of Neckargerach
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Kinderland Emsland Playground, Geeste