Wiesbaden, Frog Prince Playground

Playing the fairytale of the Frog Prince

In cooperation with the City of Wiesbaden, we redesigned the playground of the Froschkönigplatz (‘Frog Prince Square’) in Wiesbaden. In keeping with the theme, we added the Frog Prince as a rocking element and gave the playground a special crown and green accents.

The play equipment can be accessed via a large net and climbing wall, and then exited at speed via the slide, before moving on to the carriage containing a sand kitchen. Here, too, we paid great attention to the details and tried to make the carriage look as realistic as possible.

The majority of the playground equipment is made up of the different swings that offer a range of options for visitors to the playground. They can swing back and forth with their friends on the Prince’s swing, in twos on the large double swing or a nestled together a little more closely on the comfortable bench swing.

There’s something for everyone.

Age recommendation Age recommendation
Idea + design Idea + design
City of Wiesbaden, Regine Frank, and Kinderland Emsland Playground, Geeste
Client Client
City of Wiesbaden
Technical preparation + realisation Technical preparation + realisation
Kinderland Emsland Playground, Geeste