Stuttgart, Rosenstein, Nordbahnhofstraße/Friedhofstraße

Water, sand, climbing, balancing - play with your senses

Putting your balance to the test, trickling or transporting sand, flowing and directing water - all this is possible for different age groups on this playground in Stuttgart.

In the midst of the residential development, the playground catches the eye with its cheerful shades of green and the linear design.

The design was made entirely of robinia wood, which gives the system its natural character.

The first part consists of a platform combination. Different podiums with various play elements on the subject of sand and water can be found here. The Barnim sand sieve brings small treasures in the sand to light on different levels. Further platforms are explored and sand funnels, sand channels and sand wheels give the opportunity to transport, trickle or shape sand. In order to provide shadow even on warm days, a large cream-colored shade sail was installed. A tap delivers water by operating the rotary wheel so the water makes its way through the sand.

A climbing combination follows. Your balance will be put to the test with rope labyrinths, plank walkways, a balancing band or a treadle system. Sometimes faster, sometimes slower - everyone can set the level of difficulty for themselves.

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