Discovering life at a courtyard in a playful way is now possible on the playground in Cologne, Manstedter Weg.

At 7.50 m, the large watchtower of the moated castle towers high. Indoor and outdoor ascents such as pole gliders, climbing walls, ladders and ramps make it possible to explore the castle in new ways again and again.

Colored plastic windows let the playground appear in a colorful light and a peep tube made of stainless steel offers the best possible overview of what is happening on the courtyard.

The towers are connected to each other by a 3 m long net bridge and a plank bridge.

Climbing trunk, balancing beam and hanging device make it possible to scale the castle with skill and balance.

The village square play house combination is located around the castle. A platform with a balancing beam, ramp and climbing net connects to a playhouse with a slide, pitched roof, sand elevator and chute.

Animals should not be missing on the courtyard either. A carved seat sculpture in the shape of a cow and a spring seesaw device in the shape of a sheep complete the role-playing game.

Idea + design Idea + design
Lill + Sparla Landschaftsarchitekten, Köln und Kinderland Emsland Spielgeräte, Geeste
Client Client
Stadt Köln und GAG Immobilien AG
Technical preparation + realisation Technical preparation + realisation
Kinderland Emsland Spielgeräte, Geeste