Berlin, Max-Josef-Metzger-Platz

Keen climbers will love Max-Josef-Metzger-Platz in Berlin

The shapes and colours for this construction project were previously presented in a citizens’ workshop with residents, and the slogan “Arching across” was well received by children and adults alike. We then applied this slogan to all of the playground equipment.

The large rope arches in a strong green tone immediately spark the feeling of “I want to climb up there”. Children can climb up one side and over to the next arch via a climbing net stretched between the arches.

The small climbing arches are designed for less brave visitors to the playground, but also give others the opportunity to take a quick break. Two more arches feature balancing games.

The sand play platform, which features sieves, a sand lift and a sliding surface, is covered with a white arch.

Age recommendation Age recommendation
Idea + design Idea + design
bgmr Landschaftsarchitekten, Berlin, and Kinderland Emsland Playground, Geeste
Client Client
Bezirksamt Mitte von Berlin
Technical preparation + realisation Technical preparation + realisation
Kinderland Emsland Playground, Geeste